Paper Napkins and Its Advantages

Napkin is one of the essentials, whether we admit it or not, during meal times. It has been in existence for centuries now and is still part of dining tables everywhere, from formal restaurants and home gatherings to fast-food joints. Napkins come in cloth and paper but until 1887 when John Dickenson first introduced paper napkin in the United States only those made from cloth were used. Paper napkins had it rough in its early stages because as with other things people are not comfortable with change; however, slowly but surely the paper napkin stood its ground and at present it is arguably the most popular kind of napkin.

The rise in popularity and acknowledgement of paper napkins came because more and more people realized that using paper napkins have numerous benefits such as the following:

  • Savings – paper napkins are much cheaper than cloth napkins not only on initial purchase but in the long run. Using cloth napkins will incur laundry, ironing, and other maintenance cost while paper napkins can be bought in bulk and in much lower price.
  • Variety – paper napkins come in a wide array of colors, designs, patterns, and texture. Regardless of personality or preference, there is a particular paper napkin that is suitable for one’s particular taste. There are also a lot of paper napkins that are customized to fit any occasion making any gathering memorable and eventful.
  • Versatility – paper napkins can be shaped, arranged, and be treated like any other cloth napkins. Since it can hold its own shape, it is much easier to customize to fit any event.
  • Convenience – for busy individuals who no longer have the spare time to wash, iron and keep cloth napkins, paper napkins are the best since there is no cleaning up required; one just needs to buy, use and throw away.
  • Environment-friendly – paper napkins are biodegradable which means it can readily decompose and be part of the soil.
  • Advertising medium – since paper napkins can be customized in terms of design and even text, any person or organization can print their contact information, company logo, and other interesting sales pitches to a bunch of paper napkins and the same could be passed around for people to notice.

There is no denying that paper napkins are here to stay. For as long as people are dining and need quick clean ups paper napkins will always be in demand. They maybe cheap and less fancy than cloth but its advantages cannot be undermined.


The Many Facets of Biodegradable Cups

Disposable cups and other items have always been popular and would most likely be part of people’s lives for a long time given the trend for quick, easy, and convenient living for the always-on-the-go people. Be it at home or in fast food places, disposable cups are here to stay.

A lot of environmentalists have lobbied against the use of disposable cups and other similar items because of the harm it brings to the environment; however since the same is a necessity the compromise seems to be the invention of biodegradable disposable cups. One of the primary benefits of biodegradable disposable is that it can be commercially composted or can readily break down in landfills in a few months unlike those made from plastic and Styrofoam that need hundreds of years to even start the decomposition process.

There are many kinds of disposable biodegradable cups; some of the more popular include the following:

  • Corn Plastics or PLA – this is created by processing corn into starch, thereafter into sugar, and certain microorganisms turn sugar into poly-lactic acid or PLA. This PLA is mixed among various starches and then shaped into cups.

Benefits: Corn plastics came from renewable and sustainable resources; disposable cups made from such materials are strong and have plastic-like consistency; it can tolerate up to about 120 degrees-Fahrenheit of heat without chemical reaction; it’s allergen-free; and can be kept in the freezer

  • Bagasse Sugarcane – as the name suggests such products come from sugarcane stalks which are broken down until it becomes fiber. Bagasse refers to paper-like substance from salvaged sugarcane pulp.

Benefits: heat-tolerant; made from renewable and sustainable resource, has a paper-like consistency after processing, microwavable/freezer-safe, allergen-free; decompose naturally in about 180 days or 45-65 days in commercial composting facility.

  • Potato Starch (PSM) – this kind is somehow related to PLA considering that plant starch material (PSM) is synthesized from various vegetable starches. The synthesis process, coupled with other chemical modifications increases the ability of the product to be heat-resistant. PSM is done by washing, slicing, and smashing potatoes until the same turns into slurry; afterwards it is processed until cooked starch is formed.

Wholesale straws for Events and Parties

Organizing events and parties is not a piece of cake. There are a hundred things to think about and each detail is as important as the other, no matter how big or small. Over the years, more and more people are turning to doing this professionally, what with the steady rise of demand. Companies do corporate launches and briefings. There are weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and parties happening. People mark their calendars with schedules of get-togethers. And almost always, there is food involved.

Events may vary as simple or extravagant but whatever your celebration is, the food and table setup should always be pleasing to the eye. Also, since a lot of people find time to go these occasions, it pays to have everything taken care of and made available to whatever the guests ask for. It’s only practical for the party planners to scour for the best deals in terms of purchasing food supplies and other materials needed. Most of them sought for suppliers and buy everything in bulk, which actually makes perfect sense.

Take the case of the always neglected but always asked for – the drinking straws. There are some people who buy food at restaurants and fast food chains and ask for straws to accompany their meals. It has a high demand, even at parties. It’s a good thing that there are party supply manufacturers who allow you to buy wholesale straws. And this is serious business because you can stir clear of the usual white or black drinking straws and have fun with their colors. Some suppliers even offer hundreds of colors to choose from that you’re sure there’s something that will go well with your chosen party theme. You can even go beyond colors and opt for patterned ones. You can go gaga over designed drinking straws in polka dots, stripes, or chevron – which are popularly used in quirky, vintage, and kids’ events. These paper straws became all the rage as table design elements, especially when these vibrant paper straws are placed in mason jars.

Aside from these colorful options, you can also purchase drinking straws that are individually wrapped. This kind is popular among restaurants and specialty drink shops. Some people are also very particular with the straws they use and wouldn’t want those that other people can touch. It’s best to have the kind of drinking straws that your guests will need and appreciate. They will thank you for it.

Biodegradable Plates To Save the Earth

It’s time to go green and make better choices in terms of food supplies and food containers to use. For quite some time, disposable plates were mainly made from plastic and Styrofoam. And when biodegradable products found their way to people’s consciousness in the 1980s, many people rejoiced. It was known that disposable food containers were taking a toll on the environment’s condition and because a lot of people used and disposed these plastic and Styrofoam wares every day, the state of the environment got worse.

Finally, there was an alternative to disposable food containers and tableware. It was also clear that during that time, people are so used to having these containers and packaging at their disposal that there was no way that they would stop patronizing these products. People were always on-the-go and they slowly adapted to a fast pace lifestyle. These lightweight containers became products that made life even simpler for many. It was used all the time – at social functions outside the home, barbecues and picnics, during travel, and when people order takeout food. It was simply convenient and it saved us the trouble of cleaning dishes. That’s why, biodegradable plates appeared to be the best choice that time.

Biodegradable plates are made from renewable resource that decomposes over time. Several materials may be used in producing this product but some of the most commonly used are bagasse (a byproduct of sugar cane), bamboo, corn, molded fiber, and potato starch. They are non-toxic and are made with technology that is not harmful to the environment. Now, some biodegradable plates are also made to be compostable which makes it a preventive solution for landfill buildup because these compostable wares decompose back into the soil. Using the brilliant technology that we have now, biodegradable plates are made even better. You now have an option on the colors and sizes that you prefer. You are sure that when you need smaller plates for kiddie parties or large platters for get-togethers, these plates are readily available. Some biodegradable plates are made sturdier. Some are cut-resistant and others can withstand water and oil. There are also reheatable and microwavable plates that are a hundred percent biodegradable.

It’s a great that these choices can be easily purchased from local groceries and specialty stores. It’s also very convenient that much of these products are being sold online and can be delivered anywhere you are.

The Different Shapes, Sizes and Materials of Wholesale Cups

The most basic disposable wholesale cup available for wholesale is plainly called disposable paper cup. These come in different sizes that labeled depending on the capacity of liquid it can contain. Typically these are made into 8 ounces, 12 ounces and 16 ounce cups. Some beverage establishment owners purchase 20 ounce cups to serve some of their products. There may be slight difference from the demands of each establishment but these three are the most commonly ordered wholesale paper cups on wholesale.

A specialty kind of wholesale cup is called the wide cup which has a wider opening. It usually comes in 6 ounce size. Another kind of wholesale disposable cup is called the single shot. In business establishment single shot cups are usually used to serve single shots of alcohol and coffee which are made to be consumed in one gulp. But due to the demand of to-go hot and cold beverages, single shot cups are now also produced with thick paper boards. These are used to pour in freshly made drinks and can contain two to three ounces of this strong drink.

When it comes to materials used in producing wholesale beverage cups, paper is still number one. However, to produce wholesale paper cups, these have to be supported by another element like plastic or wax as paper alone would easily absorb and soak the liquid and eventually rip. But with the addition of plastic or wax, the cup now has the ability to repel the liquid.

Polystyrene is another material that is popularly used in the manufacture of wholesale paper cups. It goes by its’ trademarked name Styrofoam. Among the materials, this one has the best insulating capabilities. However, since it is not biodegradable, customers tend to stay away from this type of cup.

Polypropylene is another type of material used in making cups. Polypropylene is used to line paper cups to make it more sturdier and leak proof. This also makes the disposable cup recyclable. Although it is not bio-degradable, it can be stripped off and used again.

Lastly, another type of material used in the manufacture of paper cups is called Polyethylene or PE. This pretty much functions like Polypropylene in that it is used to line paper cups eliminate leakages. This makes the paper cup easier to handle and drink out of. As with Polypropylene, this material is also recyclable making it useful for future purposes. Although it is not bio degradable.

The Cup, the Drink and the Brain

As you take a step closer to the counter to order your favorite drink to-go, you think you already know what it is that makes your drink the perfect beverage of all. All the sweetness, the freshness of the ingredients and the way it is done by the person behind the bar are all the things that you think makes it perfect. You are dead wrong! You haven’t thought of everything yet. Why is that? Because aside from the ingredients and the person mixing it for you, you have to consider the cup that it is going into. Yes your drink will be more enjoyable if it is served in a well made disposable cup.

Yes that is the truth. Next to the ingredients and the person making your drink, it is also important that you have the one disposable cup hold your drink so you can enjoy it more. These cups are available on wholesale especially for those who are in the food and beverage business.

But beyond these facts, studies have shown that disposable cups also have an effect on the flavor of the drink it is holding in. It is about the color and the material of the wholesale cup that compliments the taste of good quality beverages therefore elevating your drinking experience to exquisite levels. Somehow, people love the taste of a well made shake served in plain white disposable cups. However when it comes to a cup of cold beverages, orange cups with plastic linings seem to be the best to serve these in. Then when it comes to milk filled beverages like a, these seem to go best in earth toned wholesale cups. For all the iced version of these drinks, a transparent disposable coffee cup is the best.

It seems inexplicable but the truth is that whenever someone is sipping a flavorful drink, the beverage taste better because of the other sense that is in motion – sight. While everyone knows that taste is the number one sense in drinking followed by smell, the sense of sight actually combines with the other two in the orbitofrontal cortex part of the human brain which in turn determines the flavor taken in.

Nothing can be done with a badly made drink because it definitely will not taste any better even if one serves it in a champagne flute. However, good tasting beverages become better when it is served in a cup that would complement it.


Triple-Fired Cups for Your Favorite Drink

Hot or cold, everybody has a favorite drink. And for the busy person, that drink should almost always be in a wholesale disposable cup. This is the main reason why a lot of business establishments like bakeries and convenience stores are now ordering wholesale cups. This is one type of cup that is made for those who are serious about the way they want to enjoy their cup of of their favorite drink. It is a one of kind cup that has its own structure and it can also be custom built.

How Much Can It Hold?

These wholesale cups are made of thick paper and are uniquely shaped to hold the drink in, hold the temperature of the drink for long period of time and to let the drinker enjoy it. These can be designed according to what the buyer wants. A cup holds about 8, 12, 16 or 20 full ounces of a certain drink. This type of cup can be used to serve either hot or cold beverages.

These types of cups are known for the quality they are made with. A process called triple firing is what makes these cups so durable. The nice about these is that that they are lead free which means one can enjoy a cup of a refreshing drink in the safest manner.

Wholesale cups can be found online with several companies giving out good deals for their buyers who purchase in bulk. Another good thing is that these can be ordered in large quantities in advance which guarantee the buyer that he will never run out of stock.

Wholesale cups can also be covered with a lid that has a vent in it. This allows hot beverages to stay hot for a longer period of time. With the lid on, the possibility of spilling hot drinks on yourself greatly lessens. The thing about ordering to-go is that there is a chance to spill your drink but with the help of snugly fitted lid, your drink stays safe. So a good dependable lid will be of big help.

The most popular wholesale cups today are made from three walls of paper, insulation and corrugated outer layer which offer full satisfaction to consumers since the thick structure of the cup has the ability to keep the drinks integrity. Wholesale paper cups are also very handy and easy to hold and this is why customers tend to favor these types of cups and allows them to enjoy their drink to the max.


What is the Best Insulator for Wholesale Cups

Wholesale cups have the ability to retain or prolong the heat of any drink it is holding because of thermal conductivity. This is a process in which wholesale cups are measured in its ability to sustain temperature. The legal definition of thermal conductivity is the amount of heat transferred onto a surface or particular area. This transfer is made possible by a particular object in conducting heat. Those materials that produce the least and lowest thermal conductivity produces the best insulation capacities.

To get to the bottom of this, wholesale cup suppliers first define and study thermal conductivity. Some things need to be considered here like the British Thermal Unit or BTU involved in the heat and how fast can the heat travel per foot of distance.

So far the materials that have shown positive results are Styrofoam, plastic and paper. The BTU results are as follows: for plastics it is .69 for polypropylene and .35 for polycarbonate: for paper it is .09 and for Styrofoam it is .06. Glass was also tested but it registered with the highest result of 1.82.

All of the three materials, plastic, paper and Styrofoam are commonly used in manufacturing wholesale disposable beverage cups. With all things considered including the size of the beverage cup, the plastics are the least efficient in keeping the hot drinks hot for a long time. Next is paper and the most effective of them all happens to be Styrofoam. This is the main reason why all three are popular choices for materials in wholesale cups.

Now comes the most important question of all. How do the two most efficient materials stack up against each other? First off is that the insulation abilities of both paper and Styrofoam are just about even. The only thing that gives Styrofoam the advantage in terms of result is because of its’ thickness. This slight edge keeps the heat in for a slightly longer period of time. Unfortunately, problems of styrofoam’s ability to be biodegradable is in question. Unlike paper which actually is a totally biodegradable material. This is something that turns off customers from drinking from a Styrofoam cup. And in this aspect, paper gets the edge.

The plastic materials should also be mentioned here. Most of the to-go wholesale cups are made out of polypropylene and polycarbonate resins. The insulation abilities are just about the same also. The main advantages of these cups is that they are thicker than paper and Styrofoam and are more durable.


Table Napkins: A Dinner Must-Have

There is a different kind of satisfaction in hosting dinners for people you love. I, in particular, is very fond of planning and throwing parties because I love going through every detail of the celebration. There is the meticulous decision-making of what food to serve, the theme to follow, and the over-all look of the venue, not to mention the way the table will look like. Now that people are more inclined to document their life events through photos posted on social media, it’s a joy to see that what you have prepared for them on the dinner table gets to be shared on their personal social media accounts. That is why I make it a point to dress the table really nicely. And besides, don’t we all love beautiful things to look at?

I consider table napkins as a staple on every celebration table. It is often overlooked but is actually one of the most used element during dinner time. I mean, that’s the first thing that you reach for when you’re about to devour the food on the table, right? There is a wide variety of table napkins available in the market today. You can never go wrong with cotton or linen ones in solid colors. You can even customize some depending on what the celebration is all about and place a logo or initials for some personal touch. There is also an assortment of napkin rings and napkin holders in different designs that you can use.

The art of table napkin folding is something that has been around for years. Folding techniques can be learned from books and online videos and it’s always fun to try the various styles. There are more elaborate ones that are often used for special occasions and classic, streamlined ones for formal affairs. It really depends on the theme that you decide to follow. There is also an option to use disposable and recyclable napkins instead of the cloth ones. Some people find this more environmental friendly especially in a restaurant business set-up.

Taking care of your cloth napkins is a breeze. Although some people argue that it’s not practical to wash it after every use, it would still depend on how soiled it is. Cotton and cotton-blend napkins should be washed according to instructions and the linen fabrics should be taken with extra care. Linen napkins should also be ironed before every use.

The Importance of Wholesale Disposable Cups

One of the most basic purpose of a wholesale disposable cup is that it is a way of advertising the customers brand of beverage and a prestigious way of serving a drink that can be consumed right there or to-go. But aside from these two purposes, wholesale disposable cups are also used for different reasons that help the establishments achieve better revenues and attract more customers to the store.

These can be used as a way to upsell other products like desserts. Normally a drink served in a disposable cup is bought and taken away by office employees who are on their way to work. In other words they are in a rush but need their fix of their favorite drink in hand. As a business owner, you can whip up your customers favorite shake and pour it into a disposable cup from the service counter itself. This allows the cashier or clerk to upsell other items on the menu while showing it to the customer like desserts and sandwiches which go well with any type of drink. Most of these are small enough to be held in hand.

Wholesale cups can also be used to promote your brand of drink that your establishment specializes in. The good thing about these cups is that they can be custom designed to include your logo and other specialty products. Imagine that the drinker who takes his drink to-go actually has an advertising paraphernalia of your product wherever he goes. This means that the advertising of your brand in not confined in your store. The print is just for a minimal add-on or sometimes it comes for free which actually makes it cost efficient.

It allows a business owner to build his brand. The good thing is that these cups allow a business owner to maintain the popularity of his brand and not let it wilt away in the long run. The only things that a cup needs to have are a simple yet noticeable design, cost friendly and a lid that can be easily and safely locked on to it. This gives the brand a more professional and respectable image than serving the drink in plain unprinted cups.

Lastly, the most important purpose of a disposable cup is to make drinking a more enjoyable experience with great eye candy images on the cup. Some may say that it is just a cup, but the truth is that it does play an important role in enjoying a perfect drink.